Romance in Copenhagen!


The month of February is like every other month in Copenhagen: filled with events and happenings. For the fourth time in a row the event “Wondercool” is held in Copenhagen. Wondercool is Copenhagen’s Winterfestival  which focuses mainly on design, jazz music and food. There is always something for everyone to like. Every Friday and Saturday at the cozy farmer’s market at Nørreport you are invited to discover the wonders of liquorice and of course free tasting is offered - everything from liquorice-chocolate to liquorice-beer.

February is most likely the jazz-lovers favorite month in Copenhagen. From the 7th until the 23rd of February Copenhagen is filled with concerts and events. The jazz music is like every other music best to be heard live.


At Hotel Copenhagen we have room types that fit every pocket and only a short walk away from the city center.


Last but not least, Valentine’s Day
Get a hold of a person that you cherish and celebrate the most loveable day of the year in wonderful Copenhagen. Copenhagen is that little extra that makes Valentine’s day of 2014 the most remembered.

Hotel Copenhagen wishes you a warm welcome.    

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