CPH Events | November 2020


Theatrical performance




Orphan Oliver dares to ask for one more spoon on the poor farm, but he does not do it with impunity. To the horror and warning of the other children on the farm, Oliver is sold to a funeral director, and this is the start of Oliver's journey.

Det Ny Teater now puts on a magnificent performance of Oliver!, with a large ensemble, fabulous scenography, choreography and a series of unforgettable songs, with the grandiose addition with Preben Kristensen in the iconic role as the main antagonist Fagin. 


(Oliver!, Det Ny Teater, 1 November – 6 December 2020) 








The two young boys behind the duo Barselona, with their enormous drive and great love of music, have left a lasting imprint on music fans. In recent years, Barselona has taken Denmark by storm and they have made their name as one of the most powerful new names at home. 


(Barselona, Vega, 5 November 2020) 






Carpark North


Carpark North comes with both darkness and beauty as they put the people down with a wild energy and amazing hit parades. Carpark North has built a musical universe of everything from explosive stadium rock worn by glowing guitar riffs to acoustic and melodious ballads. A muscular soundscape that stands out on the Danish music scene with a gun-pronged originality. The experienced trio is known for delivering unique and unique live experiences with hits, always topped with an explosive and international vibe.  

(Carpark North, Vega, 6 November) 






De Underjordiske


On 6 and 7 november, one of Denmark's most engaging live band takes on Pumpehuset, when De Underjordiske serves their phenomenal Danish-language rock'n'roll added to psychedelia and the pop craft of the 80s. With a myriad of concerts, De Underjordiske has built up a solid reputation as one of the country's foremost live bands. In short, the band is a force of nature on stage. Their performance showers forward and retreats like a mighty ocean. One minute it's almost quiet. Sacral, softly spoken guitar melodies accompany the Danish, emotive lyricism. Until the flames rumble on with relentless intensity. Eager tracks that cuddle the pop ear merge with grand rock tunes that build up and grab love and spirituality. It's an unspicable concert experience that both challenges and pampers. An experience that feels like a interplayed natural phenomenon, where sound, attitude and impressions reach an otherworldly level.  

(De Underjordiske, Pumpehuset, 6 & 7 November 2020) 






Magtens Korridorer


Magtens Korridorer manages with dents, bang and elegance to write Danish rock history. With a unique directness, they have written themselves into everyone's everyday grind and at the same time manage to keep all the recognizable out in the stretched arm. The irony, the roaring and the big question mark are at the forefront when Magtens Korridorer loop and smash out of there with hard-hitting rock realism. With a hell-and-progressive energy, is Magtens Korridorer an unique live band that ignites the hall and invites you to an evocative party. 

(Magtens Korridorer, Vega, 12 november) 




Cinematic Concert

"Vilde vidunderlig Danmark"


The DR Symphony Orchestra and the DR Concert Choir pay tribute to the Danish nature in a magnificent cinematic concert event where images, sound and music merge into a beautiful, poetic and entertaining society. All in association with live music from choir and orchestra – and bound together by pearls from the Danish song treasure, which contains beautiful and alluring nature descriptions.  

(Vilde vidunderlige Danmark, DR Koncerthuset, 12 – 14 November) 







GRETA + Brimheim + Gro

All letters are actually  capital in GRETA, and with her releases in the fall of '19 and spring '20 she has become one of the most talked about upcoming names at home. GRETA writes music that is borne of nostalgia and inspired by the future. She loves 80s synths and electronic grooves. In elaborate pop bubbles, her impressive and bright vocals live, while the gravitational gravity is felt in her lyrics about existential thoughts, the inner and outer contradictions of life, light and darkness. GRETA operates in an adventurous universe where the visual and sonic aesthetics are closely intertnical. She takes us into worlds where the familiar mingles with the stranger and challenges the understanding of pop and pop art.  

(GRETA, Vega, 13 November)  


Seasonal Events

"Jul i Tivoli"


As darkness descends, you can experience breathtaking Christmas magic that brings you in true Christmas spirit. Thousands of sparkling lamps and bright spots sparkle in the Tivoli Garden, creating light in the cold winter darkness. 


Regarding COVID-19

We are doing our utmost to ensure a safe visit for all guests, and the most important thing to us is to receive our guests in an appropriate manner in accordance with current guidelines.

When visiting Christmas in Tivoli this year, it is necessary to book your time of arrival in advance. As always, access to the Gardens requires a valid entrance ticket or Tivoli Pass. 

Please note, that there won’t be any access to the Gardens without a pre-booked arrival time and a valid entrance ticket or Tivoli Pass. We implement this precaution in order to avoid big gatherings and to ensure a safe and joyful Christmas experience.

(Jul i Tivoli, 13 November – 3 January 2021) 





Sporting Event



In just three years, the association Bodyslam! has built a profile as one of Scandinavia's leaders in live wrestling. So there's a spanking and fist sandwiches on the menu when the couple once again occupy the Pump house with a live show – and not least a vibe – to be experienced. Wrestling is not quite like any other form of entertainment, so there is a unique experience brewing. High flying, hard-hitting and all his own! Don't wait too long to secure tickets to the ear-beating stand in the heart of Copenhagen.  

(Bodyslam!, Pumpehuset, 14 November) 






Nik & Jay


But in the autumn, the Danish Live Name of the Year 2019 returns and turns up their beloved hit parade in the country's biggest venues and arenas! This happens when Nik & Jay take their always explosive shows indoors with their ”Længe Leve Drømmene Tour”.  

(Nik & Jay, Royal Arena, 20 November) 






Lord Siva


Lord Siva launches the autumn tour in the wake of new album Lord Siva has long been recognized as one of the strongest names on the Danish music scene, with his uncompromising visual and musical expression and heartfelt vocals that set him apart from the crowd and places him in his own category.  

(Lord Siva, VEGA, 21 November) 







Alex Vargas


Danish Alex Vargas, with his soaring vocals and powerful pop soul, is no stranger to the Concert Hall and its audience after three sold-out concerts since 2016. This year, the charismatic musician and singer is back in familiar surroundings with his greatest hits and latest songs. This year, the ambitious artist is replacing the sloping boards from the theatre with a large-scale autumn tour on the Danish roads with concerts in seven Danish cities' largest venues and music houses. The last stop on the tour is called Copenhagen and, more specifically, a grand final finish in the Concert Hall. 

(Alex Vargas, DR Koncerthuset, 21 & 22 November)






"The Nature of Isolation and Loneliness"


After 8 months of distance, isolation and loneliness, you will have the opportunity to take part in a completely different live experience in Store VEGA: A Clock-Up performance of The Nature of Isolation and Loneliness (2019-2020), a performative study and manifestation of isolation and loneliness created by Hans Rosenström & Philip | Schneider to VEGA| Arts. The performance is followed by a guided meditation and a soothing sound bath. This soothing sound bath is an ambient concert by the musician Anders Rhedin, which takes us all out the other side with renewed vigour and connection to our inner and outer world. The traditional concert form is this evening dissolved and the audience experiences the works sitting and lying on yoga mats on the floor. The performers will be on the floor and on stage, and the evening's works and experiences will involve, encircling and leaving the participants with a special experience of togetherness. Finnish sound and installation artist Hans Rosenström and Danish performance duo Philip I Schneider, made up of composers and singers Josephine Philip and Hannah Schneider, have created a joint work in which VEGA's iconic concert hall is transformed into a total experience where all senses are activated. With a mixture of song, performance and sound, a work is created specifically for the occasion. In VEGA, the audience is invited on a journey into the nature of solitude, through fragmentary music and statements that escalate and eventually gather in a multifaceted choral work.  

VEGA| ARTS has been realised with the support of the Danish Arts Foundation, the BikubenFonden, the Augustinus Foundation and the Nordic Culture Fund. 

(The Nature of Isolation and Loneliness, Hans Rosenström; Philip|Schneider; Anders Redin, VEGA, 22 November) 









Defecto offers a hell of a gut-butted, in-your-face attitude, while the lyrical takes a dive into personal distinctions of good and evil. Inspired by the ups and downs of life, the hard part is combined with the gentle, which has resulted in an album that is a culmination of what the band stands for, with massive riffs, catchy choruses and technical superiority. Defecto's path to the international metal scene has been successful, but also very hectic. In a very short time, the band has managed to play support for both Metallica and Rammstein, as well as shows at some of Europe's biggest rock festivals. This has established Defecto as a solid live band and with millions of streams across the streaming services, the quartet have proven that their sound and hell-and-feel are deeply reasoning with a very loyal fan base. 

(Defecto, VEGA, 27 November) 









With their unique combination of wooden organ, violins, distorted guitars, thunderous drums and thunder roars, the rock noir-band Kellermensch has in recent years rekindled rock music. On stage, Kellermensch has evolved from uncompromising, noisy rock band in the Esbjergensian underground to international concert phenomenon that moves its audience with beautiful and intense, painful and violent live performances of dramaturgical dimensions. 

(Kellermensch, VEGA, 28 November) 









With over a billion streams on the CV, there can be no doubt that Christopher is one of Denmark's biggest pop stars. On the autumn tour you can look forward to a meeting with a star in top form. Christopher has been repeatedly recognized for his professional performance work – a steely energy that rubs right down to the back rows.  

(Christopher, VEGA, 29 November – 1 December 2020) 






Government guidelines and recommendations for cultural institutions


"Det Ny Teater naturally follows the authorities' guidelines and recommendations for cultural institutions, so that you can safely go to the theatre. Although we have high ceilings and large foyer areas, we sell fewer than half the hall's seats for each construction. This means you get plenty of space. There will be a seat between you and an audience member you don't know. (If you are booking more than 2 tickets where you will sit together, please contact the theater's ticket office.) We have opened extra entrances to the audience foyers and there will be hand alcohol at all entrances. All surfaces normally touched are spritd off before each performance."


"VEGA holds concerts for a seated audience in order to meet the space and health requirements that we as a venue must comply with."

"Despite the authorities’ new corona requirements, we can still hold concerts at Pumpehuset. We have re-modelled our hall in a corona-friendly version that unites the energy of a venue with the cosiness of a German bierstube. This means tables and benches in our main hall, so it's possible to listen to our concerts while enjoying the company of good friends. The layout and the physical surroundings of the concerts and the concert hall has been formed in close collaboration with the authorities to make our concerts safe and secure for everyone." 


"The safety and security of our audience, artists and employees is our top priority for us in DR Koncerthuset. We follow all current guidelines for running cultural events, and when you come to a concert with us, you can be sure that our staff will help you find yourself right in the hall and in our bar and foyer area. We currently conduct all our concerts with reduced audience capacity of no more than 500 people in the Concert Hall (including staff and cast members) and a small number in the other studios. Everyone in the audience and on stage is of course distributed with a safe distance, and we conduct the concerts according to the Ministry of Culture's current guidelines for cultural events with seated audiences." 



"Tivoli encourages anyone with symptoms of illness not to go to Tivoli. People with symptoms should isolate themselves at home. If you have been ill, we also encourage you not to visit Tivoli until you have been symptom-free for 48 hours. All employees who have been in orange or red risk areas will be repatriated for a period of 14 days after returning home. We also encourage you not to visit Tivoli if you have visited a country in orange or red risk areas in the last 14 days.

We have, of course, arranged for hand alcohol to be placed around and on all rides. In addition, there are distance markings and invitations to keep right at busy locations in Tivoli. As a result of the authorities' updated precautions, guests must wear mouthbands when visiting eateries in the Garden. Shoe protectors are also required in a selection of rides, where they are distributed free of charge." 

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