CPH Events | May 2022


24.         TREVOR NOAH         ROYAL ARENA


Trevor Noah is without a doubt the most popular African comedian ever and also the successful successor of Jon Stewart's host on Comedy Central's insanely popular talk show The Daily Show - and whether on stage or on TV, Trevor Noah always masters contemplating the contemporary satirically, spiced with experiences and experiences from his own life.

Trevor Noah last visited Denmark in 2018, where he performed in a packed Forum with his thoughtful, reflective, and not least hysterically funny comedy in front of an enthusiastic audience. In the spring of 2022, he will repeat the success when he visits the Royal Arena with his brand-new show Back To Abnormal.



25.-27.         TALK TOWN         Onkel Dannys Plads, 1700 Kbh V


Talk Town is a debate festival for the people; a town for conversations about equality, gender, and feminism; a forum for dialogue across professional and personal experience; a place for curiosity, network and dialogue. The festival is arranged in the style of, say, the Folkemødet on Bornholm where contributions from various organizations, experts and activists carry the torch. In this sense, it works as a professional, social, and cultural frame for organizations, business, societies, grassroots, activists, education, engaged citizens and many who can contribute with the subjects they are passionate about.


The purpose of Talk Town is to create a platform for network and dialogue with room for disagreement and different perspectives, but always pointing in the same direction: Equality.



27.-29.         BLOOM FESTIVAL         SØNDERMARKEN


Bloom - festival about nature & science. When the leaves are green and the evenings are bright, Søndermarken in Frederiksberg forms the setting for Bloom. Under swaying treetops and in wild nature, you can experience some of the sharpest scientists, philosophers, artists, and thinkers of our time who, based on nature's processes and dimensions, can provide an understanding of how the world is connected. Bloom offers something for both the head and the heart, the hands, and the feet. We cross-fertilize talks, walks and conversations with concerts, food, art, literature, and creative breathing holes. The program offers thought-provoking conversations, nature walks and great ideas and theories - from the origin of life, DNA in the air and the mystery of consciousness to the hunt for life on distant exoplanets. It's free to join.





28.         FYR OG FLAMME         VEGA


In the spring of 2021, Fyr Og Flamme really broke into all hearts - and since then with millions of TV viewers - when the dance floor anthem, ‘Practice Us On Each Other', became another evergreen in the Danish Melody Granprix. Denmark's uncrowned dance floor kings, Fyr Og Flamme, finally ready with new concerts.

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