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d. 14. januar til d. 17. februar | SKUESPILHUSET (Det Kongelige Teater)


Behind the facade of the French aristocracy, Marquise de Merteuil and Vicomte de Valmont are each other's confidants in a dangerous game where they use sex and power to control and destroy the victims they choose. Only one thing can put an end to their dangerous game: true love.

When Choderlos de Laclos' epistolary novel Les liaisons dangereuses was published in 1782, it caused a great scandal due to its explicit content, and it was banned for much of the 19th century, but was, among other things, to be found in Marie Antoinette's personal library.

Christopher Hampton's play is based on the novel and was made into a film by Stephen Frears in 1988, and Hampton won an Oscar for best screenplay.

Dangerous Liaisons is a razor-sharp drama about the anatomy of seduction and the cynicism of the power game put in the hands of one of European theatre's leading partnerships, the director Staffan Valdemar Holm and the scenographer Bente Lykke Møller.

Let yourself be seduced by Tammi Øst, Casper Crump and Birgitte Hjort Sørensen in this classic tale of seduction, power play and love.






d. 15. januar | SKUESPILHUSETS FOYER (Det Kongelige Teater)


Experience LiveStrings playing some of the biggest pop hits of all time.

Candlelight Concerts are a series of intimate classical music concerts created by Fever, which collaborates with a network of talented local musicians in stunning venues that are part of each city's cultural heritage. Candlelight Concerts' mission is to create events that cultivate the city's unique venues, celebrate the talent of local musicians as well as the greatest composers and artists, and help democratize culture for people who would not normally have access to classical music. This Fever Original concept is present in more than 100 cities worldwide with over 3 million. visitor.





d. 16. januar | DR KONCERTHUSETd. 16. januar | DR KONCERTHUSET


Come to the world premiere of the new pink Lukas Graham album in the Concert Hall. On Monday January 16, Lukas Graham invites you in for an exclusive listening session on '4 (The Pink Album)' - 4 days before the album is released in the rest of the world! The audience gets a unique opportunity to hear the new songs for the very first time and, not least, to delve into all the stories behind them - and all, of course, in the company of Lukas Graham.

R Koncerthuset's characteristic blue exterior gets, for one evening, completely new tones of the color pink when Lukas Graham presents the new album at the world premiere of '4 (The Pink Album)' on Monday 16 January. The audience receives a limited edition signed album product containing an exclusive track that is only available on the first edition.

With the protagonist in the middle of the stage in the Concert Hall, there are, for once, no instruments or stage equipment to hide behind. In the company of the evening's host, Lukas Graham will talk candidly about the songs, which were written in the wake of the biggest international adventure in Danish music history in recent times - and recorded just a stone's throw from the Concert Hall in the very same studio, where the journey out into the world also began for 11 years ago.

The musical roots and excess shine through on '4 (The Pink Album)', which most of all reflects a deep personal development, about finding the balance between success and what really matters in life: about happiness, friendships, love and family.

So plans have been made for a very special - and honest - evening in the company of one of the country's biggest musical stars, which gives the audience a unique opportunity to hear the 12 new songs, for the first time, and share funny anecdotes as well as all the thoughts and feelings behind it.





d. 17. januar | AMAGER BIO


Colombian-Canadian singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez has a unique approach to pop music, accented with R&B and hip-hop influences. With a raw vocal style, she fuses the deeply passionate with the stylishly theatrical.

With two critically acclaimed EPs on the way, she released her debut studio album 'Before Love Came To Kill Us' in March 2020. Reviewers loved it and the project also grossed over 1.2 billion global streams and was named the Top Female Debut Album of 2020 as well as Top R&B Album. With a top-5 ranking on Billboard's R&B album chart, Reyez cemented his worldwide breakthrough.

Now Jessie Reyez wants to move on, and will release her second album on September 16, 2022. The album is called 'YESSIE' and is her family nickname, which she got as a child, and points to the intimacy the record exudes. The album balances a hurt with the kind of honesty that many leave behind in childhood. But there is no pretence. 'YESSIE' lives with failure, and yet loves radically. Everything is heartfelt and that's exactly why her fans love her.

Experience her skinless honesty and warmth through the pain when she hits the Amager Bio venue.





d. 22. Januar, kl. 15:00 & kl. 20:00 | DR KONCERTHUSET


Look forward to a fantastic concert experience in DR Koncerthuset with the many beautiful and unforgettable melodies from Boublil & Schönberg's legendary musical Les Misérables! A magical evening of original film scenes from the 2012 worldwide hit of the same name, performed by soloists, choirs and musicians from the Cinema Festival Symphonics.

Experience the fantastic music in the Concert Hall when a large orchestra under the direction of Stephen Ellery performs the music from the longest-running musical in the world: Les Misérables.

Hear i.a. "I Dreamed a Dream," "One Day More," "Do You Hear the People Sing," "On My Own" and all the other famous tunes from the grand musical.

In collaboration with Universal Pictures, as something extraordinary, original scenes from the worldwide film success Lés Miserables from 2012 will be shown on the big screen along the way. A new song was composed especially for Hugh Jackman in the film adaptation, which was nominated for an Oscar as the year's best film song. The song titled "Suddenly" will also be performed at the concert.

Look forward to this performance of Boublil & Schönberg's global musical success and the many beautiful and unforgettable melodies when Cinema Festival Symphonics takes the stage in the beautiful setting of DR Koncerthuset.







Do you also love True Crime? So look forward to an exciting lecture in the cinema!

The lecture 'Behind the crime: on terror, murder and manhunt' will be given by Jens Møller Jensen, the former head of homicide from the Copenhagen Police and Janni Pedersen, host and crime and court reporter for TV2. Here you get a unique insight into the work and methods of the police and the press, respectively, when a major criminal case unfolds in Denmark.

Based on several well-known cases, you get close to both the investigation and the journalistic process in acute situations where the parties are both partners and opponents.





d. 25. januar | AMAGER BIO


Apocalyptica and Epica have joined the symphonic metal rags and are going on a joint tour with the apt name Epic Apocalypse Tour

Apocalyptica was formed in the nineties as a tribute to Metallica. What makes them special is that they use cellos instead of guitars, but that hasn't diminished their popularity in the metal community - quite the opposite.

They were formed by a group of cellist students at the Finnish Sibelius Academy who, in addition to classical music, also loved Metallica, and Eicca Toppinen and Paavo Lötjönen have been with them ever since. a decade later, drums were added and the band has evolved to also do original material, in addition to covers of other great metal classics. Apocalyptica has released 9 albums, with the latest, 'Cell-O' released in January 2020.

Epica makes use of the contrast between a classic female vocal, performed by Simone Simons, and growls from Mark Jansen. The classical soundscape is particularly prominent in the music, compared to their genre peers, and makes use of both classical choirs and instrumentation.

Epica was formed in 2002 by vocalist Mark Jansen after he left After Forever, and the band has had a steadily increasing popularity curve since the first album was released in 2003. At the beginning, the triumphs were mostly Dutch, but from the 3rd album from 2009, the success took speed in the rest of Europe as well. With the subsequent albums, they really broke through on the American and Japanese markets, and Epica reached e.g. a 104th place on the Billboard 200 chart with the 2012 release 'Requiem for the Indifferent'.





d. 28. januar til d. 10. marts | OPERAEN (Det Kongelige Teater)


Swan Lake is the big ballet explosion in the Opera, bursting with bravura dancing, fabulous lighting and sumptuous costumes.

It doesn't get more impressive than Swan Lake.

The story of the heartbreaking love between the prince and the beautiful bird is so famous that it has become an icon for the entire world of ballet. And with Tchaikovsky's irresistible music, the poignant story strikes straight into the heart.

The young, searching prince Siegfried falls in love with the white-glittering swan princess Odette, but is also seduced by her black opposite Odile; one is purity and poetry, the other is seduction and corruption.

Swan Lake is the great passion drama about the battle between the forces of light and darkness, between good and evil, love and hate - and here, almost 150 years after the ballet's creation, it still manages to grip a modern audience. It plays on the entire range of emotions, and impresses with its magnificent choreography that demands the best from all dancers. Swan Lake is the ballet everyone should experience.

The swan is the epitome of grace, elegance and strength, and at the same time it has something majestic about it when it glides across the water. It was a stroke of genius when, at the end of the 1800s, they thought of letting the ballerinas, with their long limbs, impersonate swans in the Swan Lake.

Silja Schandorff and Nikolaj Hübbe have set the stage for the immortal score, Mikki Kunttu has created a futuristic lighting setup, like the darkest science fiction, and Mia Stensgaard has created the extravagant costumes.





d. 29. januar | DR KONCERTHUSET


Randy Newman - the award-winning songwriter, musician and composer, visits Studio 2 on his "An evening with Randy Newman" tour. The tour, originally planned for 2020, follows the release of 'Dark Matter' featuring the GRAMMY-winning song 'Putin', and is Newman's first album of new material in a decade.

Experience the award-winning songwriter, composer and musician in DR Koncerthuset, Studio 2 this spring. Randy Newman has received an impressive array of awards and honors. Including seven GRAMMYs, three Emmys and two Oscars, as well as his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Additionally, he has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2002 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

Newman released 'Dark Matter' in 2017 to critical acclaim and the album is the follow-up to 2008's 'Harps and Angels'. It is a collection of poignant musical pieces that move from sharply political to deeply personal as they embrace themes ranging from The Cuban Missile Crisis and Putin to love and death. Each satirical sketch has a lavish arrangement with multiple characters, changing character perspectives and a dramatic build-up as we know it from film scores.

With more than 50 years of experience, Randy Newman is a respected master of music. He started releasing music in 1968 with his self-titled album and throughout the 1970s released several critically acclaimed albums such as '12 Songs', 'Sail Away' and 'Good Old Boys'. He started composing and making music for films in the 1980s and has, among other things, made the film scores for all the Toy Story films, A Bug's Life and Cars 3. In addition to 'Dark Matter', Randy Newman's record label Nonesuch also published 'The Randy Newman Songbook', which consists of solo releases from Newman's entire career.





d. 29. januar | VEGA


The Swedish folk seducer is back in VEGA's intimate setting

On January 29, the Copenhagen audience will have the opportunity to experience José González in a completely intimate setting, when he gives his first solo show in the capital in more than seven years. Numerous enthusiastic concert reviews testify that the Swedish folk seducer is a distinctive live experience.

Few people possess a more distinctive vocal than Swedish-Argentinian José González. The man with the feather-soft voice emphasized this in 2021, when he released his career's fourth solo album, Local Valley, where he expanded his well-known mix of folk melodies and Latin American inspirations with electronic pulse and a more extroverted approach. Local Valley is, in José González's own words, "my most accomplished songs to date" and for the first time collects the audience favorite in three languages: English, Spanish and Swedish.

Barely 20 years have passed since José González was almost catapulted onto the indie scene with his beautiful cover of The Knife's "Heartbeats", and symptomatic of the evocative and cinematic sound, his music has also found its way into the film world.

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