CPH Events | January 2022


 En aften med Andersen



The Danish Entertainment Orchestra and Per Vers present En aften med Andersen in the Concert Hall. Also on stage are a string of soloists: Bisse, Katinka, Rasmus Dissing, Bodil Jørgensen and Per Vers who interpret Benny Andersen's words and songs.

Through a nearly 60-year-long authorship, Benny Andersen put words and music into the course of life. The popular poet and author often wrote with humor and a smile on his face, but there was also room for double standards, sadness, and seriousness - stories we all know from childhood, in the songs about "Svantes shows" with Povl Dissing, not to forget Benny Andersen's impressive collection of poems in every way.

And I wonder if we also have musical adventures in store when the five soloists in collaboration with the Danish Entertainment Orchestra pay tribute to Benny Andersen's marvelous, lyrical, and musical world.


DR Koncerthuset | 19 January





NJORD 2022 - Solsången


In the opening concert at NJORD 2022 in Study 2, the Nordic region's magnificent nature and ancient folk culture come into close dialogue with modern forms of expression and tonal language.


For this opening concert for Njord 2022 in Studio 2, Karin Rehnqvist, composer-in-residence at NJORD 2022, has set music to the Icelandic medieval poem Sólarljóð (in Danish Solsangen). With the special singing technique lock shout, soloist Lena Willemark evokes the strong narrative of saying goodbye to life and the sun.


NJORD Festival is Copenhagen's winter festival for new, Nordic art music. NJORD focuses on the Nordic music culture, which we can reflect on and reflect on the world and life through.


NJORD is the name of a Nordic god especially associated with the sea and the wind that connects the people in the various Nordic countries. The NJORD Festival builds on these connections and, through Nordic interdisciplinary collaborations, focuses on some of the many common values we have in the Nordic region.


DR Koncerthuset | 20 January





Bo Kaspers Orkester


Bo Kaspers Orkester is known and loved for their distinctive mix of soul, pop, jazz, and Swedish song tradition. In the autumn of 2019, they released the long-awaited 12th album and went on a critically acclaimed tour throughout Scandinavia at the beginning of 2020. The Swedish legends are therefore sharper than ever before - and with the large 10-man orchestra - they are now ready to play in VEGA. 


VEGA | 27 January 

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