CPH Events | January 2021


Children's tour: Stories from the grave 2021


Nationalmuseet | Saturdays & Sundays, January 23 - June 27, 2021
Do you dare to be with when the dead of the past come alive? So, join us on a journey into the world of the dead.
People have always told stories. Many have survived for thousands of years because the stories have gathered people around the fire. Others have been lost when people have died. Fortunately, they have left small things in the graves. Those things are little clues that help us draw a picture of the lives of our ancestors. So even though people are dead, they still tell stories from the grave.

On this tour, the children encounter 4 fates from our distant past.
- Bjørn from the Stone Age, who experiences a dramatic and fateful attack on his settlement.
- Solveig from the Bronze Age, who is looking forward to dancing for the sun for this year's party.
- Rolf from the Iron Age, who must sacrifice someone he loves to save his people.
- Di-Mut from Egypt, who can only see his beloved in the shelter of the night.

The first Danes

Nationalmuseet | Saturdays and Sundays from 23 January to June 27, 2021
Take a tour and get the story of the first Danes who lived in the landscape we today call Denmark.
Judgment Day has been breathing down the man’s neck ever since we rose on two legs. To begin with, it was hunger and cold that were close to getting rid of us. Today, it is the over-consumption and waste of nature's resources that could be our downfall. On a guided tour through Denmark's antiquity, we get around the conquests that have ensured our survival and which have honed our creativity. The source to resist doom.
2 million years ago a human grabbed a rock and killed an animal, and 6,000 years ago a man or woman came pulling a cow through the forest and made us farmers.
Our ancestors were able to transform natural materials into weapons and occult objects to control an insecure world. And when disasters cast dark shadows over them, they created doomsday tales and sacrificed to both ancestors and gods to secure life.
The story of man has always been a story of disasters and of survival.
The tour is not suitable for children under 11 years.

The Creative Library - Create winter art


Det Kgl. Bibliotek | 23 January 2021
Draw, paint and build your own work of art inspired by the treasures of the Royal library
At the workshop you can create your own artwork together with visual artist Ann Louise Andersen. We have been in the library's archives and found beautiful and fascinating old books that we are inspired by and work from the outside. All workshops are drop-in events, and it takes approx. 30 minutes to participate, but feel free to stay longer. So, get your inner artist ready and come by.
This time you can make your own snowball!
There is plenty of snow, frost, and winter mood in the photographs in the library's collections. We have found some of the most beautiful old winter pictures from which we have to make our own creative works. Be inspired by photos of a snow-covered Copenhagen, beautiful winter landscapes and fun snowmen.
The event is for children and their adults and is free.

Alpabeat: ”12 Nights of Thunder Tour”


DR Koncerthuset | 23 January 2021
It gets hard to sit still on the seats when Alphabeat offers dancing, community singing and a proper pop party in the Concert Hall on their "12 Nights of Thunder" tour.
Alphabeat has tried almost everything. They have had success abroad, played festivals all over Europe and visited almost all venues in Denmark. However, they have never tried one thing, and that is to play in the large Danish concert halls for a seated audience - but that is being changed now.
Experience a unique evening with the reunited band in the DR Concert Hall when Alphabeat starts a real pop party in the Concert Hall in connection with their "12 Nights of Thunder" tour in Denmark.

Isam B


DR Koncerthuset | 31 January 2021
Isam B - the man behind the magnificent and characteristic voice visits the Concert Hall.
The audience can look forward to an intimate concert experience in the Concert Hall, where the stylish and charismatic singer is not pale to tell some strong stories about life and everyday life. He always creates songs with great values by looking inward and appealing to the listener through the heart. For Isam B, there is always something at stake in meeting his audience and in life in general, where it is about awakening people's consciousness, being open to change and getting the best out of life.
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