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3 till 27 February 2022


Winter Jazz is a nationwide music festival that has been in existence since 2001 and takes place every year in February. The festival extends over three weeks and contains about 600 concerts in more than 150 venues and organizers from Skagen to Rønne. The combination of the festival's length plus the nationwide aspect makes Winter Jazz an opportunity to meet international stars on tour, new Danish award-winning projects, and concert themes such as Jazz for Kids, Future Sound of Jazz, Something Else and more.

What makes Vinterjazz a special music event is that it is a national celebration between venues and organizers, musicians and audiences, the big cities, and the outskirts of Denmark - a national initiative that is created and takes place locally. However, winter jazz is first and foremost a club festival, which kicks off the season for the many jazz clubs that create an environment where jazz can develop and live all year round. Therefore, it is also with great pleasure that Vinterjazz has in recent years set a record with the participation of up to 150 venues and independent organizers.




12 February 2022



Welcome to Vinterbyhaven 2022 - it will be brilliant to see you again, because we have missed you so much since Byhaven went into winter hibernation in September. On 12 February, we wake up Byhaven again and move the whole molevit - benches, tables, colored lamps, summer cocktails, crazy natural wine, and cold eco-pilsners from Royal Beer - inside Pumpehuset and hold a real summer party a la Byhaven. Experience concerts with Lucky Lo, Julie Pavon, Josie Amadonna, Atusji and Debbie Sings - we also fire it off with karaoke and bingo.



Copenhagen Light Festival

4 to 27 February 2022


Throughout February, the sad winter darkness is replaced by poetic, surprising, marvelous, and meditative light from light installations.

Copenhagen light festival is primarily concentrated in the inner city and Copenhagen harbor, and is aimed at culturally interested people, children, families, beginners and connoisseurs, citizens, and tourists. The festival aims to present the city's many special places such as parks, squares, facades, and even hidden places, which get new expressions and moods.

Take a canal tour or experience works and installations on foot on a guided tour.




weeks 7 & 8


Beautiful lights in the winter darkness, cozy theater tours and fun museum visits. During the winter holidays in weeks 7 and 8, there is extra time to create memories with the family, and the city abounds with fun activities and lots of cozy family experiences. Below is a small part of all the possible activities you can do during the sports holiday week in Copenhagen:



Monsters under Christiansborg


From 9 February, you can experience a colorful and imaginative universe filled with creatures that illuminate the dark ruins when the artist Shane Brox's 12 sensitive monsters are unleashed in the Ruins under Christiansborg. The exhibition "Monster - ugly creatures with big emotions" focuses on which emotions are activated when, for example, you are bullied, have anxiety or are in love - emotions both children and adults can nod in recognition of. Through the exhibition, Shane tries to visualize the emotions and open important conversations in the family. The exhibition is free for children under 18 years.



The Royal Ship Dannebrog is celebrated in a special exhibition


In 2022, the Royal Ship Dannebrog will be 90 years old. It marks the M / S Museum of Maritime Affairs with a special exhibition "DANNEBROG - Royal ship for 90 years" which puts a spotlight on the floating castle. The exhibition gives you an insight into life on board - from the crew's everyday life to the royal family's private life at sea. The special exhibition opens on Wednesday 9 February. Remember that children under the age of 18 have free admission.



Children's fun in The Black Diamond


During the winter holidays, the Royal Library all curious children and their adults for treasure hunting and creative workshop with treasure boxes. On the treasure hunt you will find and explore an ancient scroll, the first characters, a real magic book, an original Tintin drawing and many other treasures. The winter holiday activities take place from Monday to Saturday in week 7 from kl. 10.00-16.00.



The Secret Garden in the Glyptoteket


Have a meditative, sensuous, and musical experience for the whole family when floral artist POPPYKALAS, choreographer MYKA and composer and musician Di Garbi lead you into a secret garden at the Glyptoteket. In an adventurous soundscape you can experience dancing flower creatures while sitting on carpet islands surrounded by textile flowers. The setup can be experienced in weeks 7 and 8 and is for children from 5 years. Remember to buy tickets.



The Royal Theater - Matilda


Experience the family musical Matilda at the Royal Danish Theater. Theater. In the musical, you meet a magical girl who takes up the fight against the injustices of adults. Matilda is a completely unusual girl who, with her witty head and lively imagination, dares to stand by herself and change her destiny. Matilda can be experienced from 25 January to 27 February and is for children from 7 years.



Copenhagen Contemporary


Copenhagen Contemporary's exhibition "Light & Space" is the largest to date, and it dazzles with a world of light, colors and giant installations that will impress both large and small. The exhibition extends over all of Copenhagen Contemporary's five exhibition halls and ends in an interactive laboratory, where you can experiment with light, color and space and build with transparent LEGO and light. Throughout week 7, you can also experience the Danish sound artist Lars Greve with his clarinet making sound for Copenhagen Contemporary's 600 m2 large Hall 6. A ventilation pipe over 100 meters long, which once framed B & W's welding hall, is brought to life with sounds and music, which invites guests to move to a unique listening experience. Remember that children under the age of 18 have free admission.



Time travel at Esrum Monastery


When Esrum Monastery is on winter vacation, you join a time travel through humanity's views of faith, the universe, and the earth - past, present, and future. In the star space, for example, you can explore the present vision and knowledge of the universe, and you can find out what zodiac sign you are, paint it and learn how to see it in the sky. The winter holiday activities take place from Saturday 12 February to Sunday 20 February at 10.00-16.00. The activities are free when the entrance fee is paid.



Science Camp at Naturcenter Amager Strand


Join the Science Camp at Naturcenter Amager Strand during the winter holidays. Here you can experience 5 days filled with experiments, idea development, experiments, fun and community. This time, Science Camp will be about buoyancy and propulsion when you must build your very own boats. Science Camp is for children aged 8 to 14 years and takes place every day in week 7 from kl. 09.00-15.00. It costs DKK 1,100 to participate, and you buy a ticket for the whole week.


Cavalluna - Celebration

Royal Arena

26 & 27 February 2022


The impressive horse show CAVALLUNA - CELEBRATION is coming to Copenhagen!

Excellent entertainment for the whole family is guaranteed! From impressive friesians to elegant Arabs and cute mini ponies - there is something for everyone! Whether you are big or small, CAVALLUNA - "CELEBRATION!" Is a great experience!

CAVALLUNA, from the team behind APASSIONATA, is one of Europe's most popular horse shows, which has thrilled hundreds of thousands of spectators over the years! Now Cavalluna is finally coming to Denmark with the show ‘Celebration', which delivers absolutely world-class entertainment. Audiences can look forward to beautiful horses, high-class choreography, emotional music and breathtaking effects, all framed by a wonderful story!

The stories are written by the Emmy-nominated creative director Klaus Hillebrecht and offers i.a. on several the most beautiful equestrian highlights from previous shows, which have not yet been shown in Denmark! With "CELEBRATION!" The audience gets the opportunity to experience the most popular equestrian teams and riding styles up close. From magical freedom dressage and action-packed trick riding to harmonious dressage.

The show's big stars are i.a. Bartolo Messina, with breathtaking freedom dressage, the teams around Luis Valença and Sebastián Fernández as champions of Doma Vaquera, Sylvie Willms with her 14 horses as well as the trick riders on Equipe Hasta Luego with their action-packed stunts and the versatile Giona family with the Hungarian Post.



Sunday 27 February


Shrove Tuesday dates to Catholic times in Denmark. Before Easter, one had to fast for 40 days, and Shrove Tuesday was a party that was held before entering the strict time without, for example, meat, fatty food, and delicacies.

Although Lent lost much of its significance after the Reformation in 1536, Shrove Tuesday continued to exist.

What does the word "Shrove Tuesday" mean?

Shrove Tuesday comes from German: "fastelabend", i.e., "Fast-evening", i.e., the night before Lent came into force. Before Lent, it was a matter of soiling in some of the fat and delicious things that would not come on the table for the next 40 days. Another Danish word for the party was "faste-lag".

In practice, it was not only the evening before Lent that it broke loose. There was partying and eating for several days before.

In southern Europe, the similar celebration is called carnival. "Carne vale" means "goodbye meat" in Latin and "carne levare" to "remove the meat" in Italian. Both can be part of the origin of the word "carnival".


That's why we eat Shrovetide buns.

"... hvis jeg ingen boller får, så laver jeg ballade"

"Fastelavn er mit navn, boller vil jeg have!"


What is the story really behind the Shrovetide buns, and why do they make us make trouble - if they do not get in the stomach?

Shrovetide buns are best known in Nordic countries such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and of course Denmark. The Shrovetide buns, as the name suggests, are associated with Lent, which was held in the Middle Ages up to Easter. The fast lasted for 40 days and started right after Lent.

Fasting symbolized a time of repentance and preparation, during which the individual avoided various forms of enjoyment, traditionally certain forms of food.


Fasting therefore meant that one should abstain from meat, milk, eggs, sugar, and other foods. Therefore, of course, it should be marked with feasting and tasty meals in abundant quantities before Lent occurred.


With Shrovetide just around the corner, the city's bakeries are already teeming with the first cream-filled, crispy, glazed Shrovetide buns in all the colors of the rainbow, which both children and adults can run down in buckets.



Andersen Bakery

Where: Thorshavnsgade 26, 2300 København S


The bakery at Islands Brygge, which is known for its beautiful cakes, artisan bread and organic ingredients, has thrown the Shrovetide bun as we know it into the air, and created a modern and colorful version! The neat "buns" consist of a croissant base, cream, jam, foam, and a neat lid sprinkled with powder. The Shrovetide bun is available in 7 different flavors - wow!



Hart Bakery

Where: Gammel Kongevej 109, 1850 Frederiksberg C and Galionsvej 41, 1437 Copenhagen


At Hart Bageri, they repeat the success from last year with two different - and extremely tasty - Shrovetide buns. An open made of croissant, vanilla cream, and blackcurrant jam, topped with foam and blackcurrant powder. And a closed version in a brioche bun, which is filled with remonce, dipped in chocolate ganache, and sprinkled with salt. Haps, haps, haps!



Juno the Bakery

Where: Århusgade 48, 2100 Copenhagen Ø


In the last few years, the Shrovetide bun trend in Denmark has gone so crazy that inspiration has also been sought from our Swedish neighbors! And at the popular Juno the Bakery in Østerbro, you can put your teeth into the delicious semlas, where the bun is filled with marzipan and whipped cream. Not stupid at all! From the end of January, you can taste the delights.

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