CPH Events | February 2021






Winter holdiays, 13 February to 28 February



Over 1200 years ago, thousands of Scandinavians boarded the longboats and set sail for distant shores, making the Vikings world famous. From the late 700s to 1050, the Vikings became known for a bit of everything. Terrible and bloody looting. Matchless craftsmanship. Grocery genius. Fearless fighting technique on the battlefield. Eminent sailing and ship navigation. Meet the Vikings and see their treasures, which they traded for, plundered, or even forged in silver and gold. Among other things. the famous Tissø ring and the Fæsted treasure.

Designer Jim Lyngvild has put a face on our famous and infamous ancestors - the Vikings. Meet the warrior, the berserker, the farmer, the housewife and many more. See the weapons of the warriors and the treasures they stole or traded for.









When the winter darkness falls and makes our days shorter, Copenhagen Light Festival returns

Our annual light festival kicks off in Copenhagen over three weeks in February, and it features both Danish and international artists and designers. During this time, we create different aesthetics in the Copenhagen urban areas and express the winter season in new and fascinating ways through architectural lighting, art, design, and installations.

Copenhagen Light Festival takes place in the inner city of Copenhagen in February, and it is mostly free to attend.









18 February



Maximillian took social media by storm when he shared a cover of Frank Ocean's "Pink + White" back in 2017. The video quickly spread on various music sites, and the overwhelming reception led to Maximilian in May 2017, releasing his first official single "Higher".

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