CPH Events | August 2022



Ed Sheeran


3 to 6 August | Øresundsparken


Ed Sheeran has a special place in many Danes' musical hearts. Before anyone knew who he was, in 2011 he was on stage at the Copenhagen venue Bremen. Since then, he has conquered the whole world, and his latest visit to Denmark was in the summer of 2019, where he played in Tusindårsskoven in Odense with resounding success.

When Ed Sheeran comes back to Denmark, it will be the first time since 2014 that he has played in Copenhagen. There is room for 38,000 people, and by all accounts it will be a folk festival of dimensions when the audience takes over the concert area in Øresund Park, which consists of both standing and seating on tribunes around the stage. For the occasion, Øresundsparken will be set up as a concert venue with grandstands, spectator areas, bars, toilets and access conditions tailored to the Ed Sheeran concert and its audience.




Lukas Graham


6 August | Refshaleøen


The Danish hit orchestra goes on a unique tour around Denmark, and the audience is in for a special experience with a set-up based on a 360° stage and an impressive visual design.




Cavalluna: Legends of the Desert


6 August | Royal Arena


Until August, Cavalluna's current show 'Legend of the Desert' will visit København. An impressive show of the same high and well-known quality as the originally planned show 'Celebration'. You can start to enjoy yourself. From magical freedom dressage and action-packed trick riding to harmonious dressage.

CAVALLUNA, from the herd APASSIONATA, is one of Europe's most popular horse shows, which has thrilled hundreds of thousands of spectators over the years! Now Cavalluna finally comes to Denmark with the show 'Celebration', which delivers absolutely world-class entertainment. The audience can enjoy beautiful horses, high-class choreography, emotional music and breathtaking effects, all framed by a wonderful story!

The stories are written by the Emmy-nominated creative director Klaus Hillebrecht and offer, among other things, on a number of the most beautiful riding highlights from previous shows, which have not yet been shown in Denmark!







13 August | Royal Arena


TOTO remains one of the top selling and most touring bands worldwide. They have sold over 40 million albums and been nominated for countless Grammy awards in their home country of the United States. In 2020, they continue to transcend standards set by the music industry by being synonymous with musical credibility.

The band is the definition of pop culture and one of the 70's bands that has endured the changing trends and style shifts and in doing so has had a career with a worldwide fan base that spans several generations.

Experience can tell you that plans are being made for a party and hit parade of enormous dimensions when TOTO returns to Denmark - and with the band's history in Denmark, where they almost always play to sold-out venues, it is important to be fast if you want to experience the legends in action.





Copenhagen Pride 2022


13 to 21 August


On 13-21 August, we'll once again paint the city of Copenhagen in all the colours of the rainbow, and we hope you want to join us!

With more than 100 events spanning arts, culture, human rights, sports, live music, concerts, lectures, film, and of course the Parade, Copenhagen Pride returns for the first full-scale event since 2019.

Additions for 2022 include a Children & Families area, a range of programming aimed at LGBTI+ young people, and Pride Art, a new queer art exhibition at Nytorv. Pride Square (Rådhuspladsen) will be the centre of activities, with performance spaces, bars, food vendors, community groups and, on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 August, our set piece concerts.


We are striving to make Copenhagen Pride as accessible as possible. In addition to accessible toilets, most venues are wheelchair accessible. And for the first time this year, neurodiverse people with conditions such as ADHD and autism are invited to join the Pride team to walk the route the day before the Parade so that they can familiarise themselves with the route and the activities that will take place.

Events take place across Copenhagen every day from Saturday 13 to Sunday 21 August.




A Doll's House

18 August to 11 September 2022 | The Royal Theatre


Henrik Ibsen's masterpiece premiered in Copenhagen in 1879 and immediately created a scandal, as the mere thought of a woman leaving her husband and children was deemed provocative and morally offensive. The story of Nora remains a seminal tale of our yearning for the freedom to decide over our own lives and destinies.

Nora is married to Helmer, who is soon to assume a new position as bank director. Now reaching the pinnacle of his career, and indeed society, Nora stands by his side. By appearance, they seem to be the perfect couple, yet Nora harbours a secret that could shatter Helmer's dreams of honour and esteem. Because in truth, when the going gets tough, and secrets are uncovered, would you be willing to sacrifice yourself for those you love?


In Anna Balslev's staging, A Doll's House is a performance about the demands that people make on love and passion, truth and freedom, and about a woman who becomes a whole human being with all the anguish and qualms this entails.

Sold-out performances were staged during the 2020/2021 season. Now, the play can be experienced at the Main Stage.


A Doll's House is performed in Danish.






18 August | Pumpehuset


The Swedish pop singer LÉON is ready to enchant Pumpehuset this summer with enchanting atmospheric indie soul. With her understated style, the Swedish singer LÉON has created a mysterious and self-confident character that most of all resembles something from a Quentin Tarantino film. She is delicate but dominant. She is reserved but charismatic. She acts instinctively, but at the same time is calculated. She is sensitive but has a sarcastic sense of humor. She is in full control of her destiny but doesn't need to tell anyone. You just know it when you see her - she rules.

As soon as LÉON steps behind the microphone, you meet a robust powerhouse of retrofitted soul in an indie universe.







21 to 26 August | Bella Center


On behalf of the hosting societies, the Danish Society for Parasitology (DSP) and the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology (SBSP), we look forward to welcoming you all to the next main event of the World Federation of Parasitologists (WFP), the fifteenth in the series of International Congresses of Parasitology - ICOPA XV, ICOPAnhagen, in Copenhagen, Denmark on 21-26 August 2022.

An ICOPA congress has never before been held in the Nordic region, where parasitology thrives based on a long and rich history. Copenhagen, an urban European location that is easy to reach, is attractive to participants from all over the world. Copenhagen has repeatedly been ranked as one of the world's most popular convention cities. The reasons include easy accessibility and efficient transport infrastructure, safety and cleanliness, and a wide selection of hotels and restaurants.

We are confident that ICOPAnhagen will have a high scientific impact and become a memorable experience to all participants from around the globe - an ICOPA to remember. The theme "Living with Parasites" covers parasitology sensu lato and brings it closer to everyday life. We emphasize an exciting and high-quality scientific program, diversity and inclusion, and transparency and professionalism in the organizing. The COVID-19 pandemic encouraged us to make the event hybrid - enabling attending both on-site in Copenhagen and virtually online - which makes the event even more inclusive.







26 August | VEGA


The Norwegian singer, songwriter, producer and performer Aurora Aksne welcomes Store VEGA with her big, dreamy and dramatic sound universe.

Her cool vocals, dark lyrics and sunny personality have earned the 25-year-old Norwegian artist an army of fans worldwide since her breakthrough in 2016.

It is precisely this ability to explore her own mind and translate her thoughts and feelings into moving music that has made her a sought-after collaborator and highly admired icon in the alternative pop world.

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