CPH Events 11.2019


CPH Events 11.2019



Husk Mig! De Dødes Dag (Día de Muertos)

Husk Mig! - De Dødes Dag Festival is a cultural festival organized by CkulturA, which invites audiences of all ages to open themselves to the dead and reflect on death through various activities for children and adults. During the festival you can experience workshops for children, art installations, music, movies and get the chance to taste Mexican food and drinks.





The flea company made the first flea market in February 1992, and on November 2 & 3, there is the flea market again. Ticket sales at the door.



Lauren Daigle

Christian singer and songwriter, Lauren Daigle, exploded onto the American music industry with her platinum-selling debut album in 2015. Since then, it has been a quick rise to the stars for Daigle, who in just four years has released three successful albums. Her ability to reconcile with the audience has earned Daigle great acclaim and recognition as the fastest-selling new artist in her genre in more than a decade.



Charli XCX

One moment, Charli XCX is touring with international pop stars like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, and the next she works with some of the most innovative and innovative music names, such as SOPHIE, Kim Petras, Tove Lo and, not least, Danish MØ. Charli XCX has set his sights on one giant hit after another, and with his unpredictable approach to experimental pop music, is one of the few artists who successfully speaks to both the frontier and the commercial.


Jonah Blacksmith

It is with brand new music and well-known songs that Jonah Blacksmith will visit the DR Concert Hall. With the band's penchant for wide expanses and the North Atlantic horizon, the audience can look forward to an evocative experience in the Concert Hall. Jonah Blacksmith has long been a solid example of how live concerts at a high artistic and musical level go hand in hand with a steadily growing, loyal and not least enthusiastic audience.





Phlake is gearing up for a series of sold-out concerts and occupies the Royal Arena on November 9, 2019. It will be the duo's only own indoor show in all of 2019 - and not least their absolute biggest indoor show ever! The popular duo Phlake, have just finished their 'Can We Talk Tour', which featured 10 sold out shows - including 3 sold out concerts in DR’s Koncertsal.




Lewis Capaldi

Right on the heels of his amazing performance at this year's Heartland Festival, Lewis Capaldi announces his biggest headline show in DK to date when he arrives at Forum Black Box for November 2019.



Lægedage 2019

Lægedage offer a wide variety of courses for doctors and practitioners. This year there are 138 courses spread over 5 days. Lægedage are the place where general practitioners meet. Continuing education has an important place in the agreement, and Lægedage are a great opportunity for continuous professional development. The theme for this year's Lægedage is: How do we give the most to those in greatest need and create the most health possible? - population care in general practice.



Vancouver Sleep Clinic

The Vancouver Sleep Clinic performs the shades of autumn. Led by charismatic singer and songwriter Tim Bettinson, the band has since 2013 enchanted audiences around the world with their melancholic fusion of R&B, folk and electropop. Bettinson's immersive vocals that lead the mind to Bon Iver push the listener into a dreamy universe of refined lyric, packed with acoustic guitar playing, vibrating electronic beats and beautiful vocal vocals.



Euro2020 kval: Danmark - Gibraltar

Come to Telia Parken and support De Rød-Hvide in the fight against Gibraltar, in a key match to reach EURO2020.



GOTO Copenhagen

With tech permeating just about every industry and aspect of our lives, it is our duty as developers to understand the rapidly changing ecosystem we’re a part of in order to continuously adapt, create ethical solutions and write software we can be proud of. GOTO Copenhagen 2019 is your chance to take part in and be inspired by a global innovation movement full of explorers, pioneers and trendsetters.



The Minds of ’99

The Minds of 99 is known as one of the country's very best live bands. A position that they cemented on their last tour in late 2017. A tour where, despite lead singer Niels Brandt's very famous broken foot, they managed to tear the crowd to the middle of some of the group's most legendary concerts. ”Solkongerne” announce their biggest concert to date.


VEGA|ARTS* present: Pussy Riot + Christian Falsnaes

Since 2011, the Russian feminist protest collective has done what they can to combat the system's shadow pages through performance, actions and music. Police violence, imprisonment and censorship have followed in the wake of activism, but that does not hinder the collective. They present for their show in VEGA the astonishing political project Riot Days.

Danish artist Christian Falsnaes extends the concert experience in VEGA with one of his performance works. In his work, he challenges group mentality and the balance of power between people, including that between him and the audience. Falsnae's work emphasizes the importance of the individual's right to self-determination and he uses the audience's reactions to the works as a platform for self-reflection.

*VEGA | ARTS is a new visionary initiative that connects Denmark's most important place with ambitious and cutting-edge contemporary art in a study of what artistic experiences can create the interface between the artistic fields and the audience.



WindEurope | OffShore 2019

Europe needs to expand its offshore fleet 10x to meet Europe’s climate objectives for 2050. We all know this. The question is: how do we get there? This November, Europe’s flagship offshore wind event will gather 9,000 participants to drill down on the practical challenges of putting offshore at the core of our energy mix.




Now De Fantastiske Seks are finally back! Alphabeat is ready to be reunited with the Danish live audience. Few Danish pop bands have delivered such intense shows as Alphabeat, and a FEST is set to return with a big show in K.B. Hallen.

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